Hello! And Welcome to Carried Away Crafts.

My name is Tony and I am a ‘Decades-Long’ Woodworker and Graphic Designer (just call me an ‘artisan’ for short). I complete every aspect of your order, personally, and I am both happy and grateful to be of service to you. I am looking forward to earning your trust and patronage. So, please, browse around! And do not hesitate to ask any questions or make suggestions by way of my contact page.

SERIOUSLY! “Let’s Get Carried Away!”

What does my business name (Carried Away Crafts) mean to me? … and therefore – by extension – to YOU?

Think of it like this: ‘Carried Away.’ It is the expression of art by the Human Spirit. It is the ‘want’ of the endeavor in all things… it’s the ‘clamoring’ for ‘more’ – of ourselves and for others… and our species has always done this:

The Hebrew chosen, by the providence of God, into fierce Babylon, where as slaves they would change the world that was, were… “Carried Away.”

Pioneer children, across the great plains, in buckboard wagons and Prairie Schooners, toward westward expansion, for the American ideal, were… “Carried Away.”

Small seeds, upon the wind, in every meadow and field, dispersed into their new places, to meet with the rich earth, are… “Carried Away.”

Vague ideas, our inspirations, shared through language, through writing, through art and media, shared that all may learn and grow, are… “Carried Away.”

So let’s get Carried Away.

One day I went strolling through the orchard,
Looking for signs of spring,
Looking for buds about to burst into flower,
Anticipating readiness, ripeness.
Before I knew it my heart was raptured,
Carried Away by lofty thoughts!

Song of Solomon 6:11-12 The Message (MSG)